Welcome to the Patriot VE Team Website.

We are a group of hams who formed a volunteer examiner (VE) team under the Laurel Volunteer Exam Coordinator (VEC) group to provide FREE ham tests and we GET YOUR NEW CALL SIGN THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY. We also provide classes.

There are three classes of ham license: Technician, General and Amateur Extra (usually just called Extra).

There is a publish list of questions for each exam, 400 for the Technician, and the exam pulls 35 questions for the Technician and General, and 50 for Extra, from the respective pool.

A Technician license gives you access to the most commonly used ‘local’ frequencies and repeaters. A repeater is a radio usually on a mountain that receives your (weak) signal and retransmits it over a far greater distance. With the locations of some repeaters in Colorado it is possible to use a 4-5watt portable and talk to people from the northern boarder down to around Colorado Springs.

A General class license gives you privileges on the high frequency (HF) aka short wave, bands and with the right radio and antenna you can talk all over the world.

An Extra class license gives you privileges on more HF spectrum (frequencies).

You will find a number of files to assist you in the files section.

The “Patriot VE Team Class and Test Instructions” file has links to a number of on line resources, many free, to include flash cards and practice exams.

It also answers a number of questions that people have had over the years, so look at that file and most questions will be answered. If you have a question that is not addressed in that file ask.

The file also has information and the link to obtain your FCC ID (FRN), which you will need to put on your application. Once you obtain your FRN that same file has the link to the testing registration page. Once you decide which test you are coming too please sign up ASAP.
Register at https://goo.gl/forms/BHgb9g6WcLAQD4Fj1

The “Patriot VE Team 2017” file has a complete list of schedule classes and testing.

There are also a number of other files that have study material in for the various (Technician, General and Extra) exams.

There are a couple of choices for a text book. The two primary ones are the ARRL study guides and the Gordon West series (you will find prestudy guides for the Gordon West books in the files section.)

The ARRL texts provides you a chapter on the topic that explains the principles. The specific questions, with answers, are listed in the back of the book.

The Gordon West book gives you the questions in the body of the text together with the correct answer and an explanation.

Some study guides, either in the files section or in the ‘ham study guide material’ file, have all the information needed to pass the test.

Our classes are structured on the premise that you prestudy before class – do not expect to come to class and pass the test without opening a book on your own. There is no fee for our classes.

You do not need to come to a class to test and you can take any test at our test sessions.

Register at https://goo.gl/forms/BHgb9g6WcLAQD4Fj1

We can provide you help in programming most radios to get you started. Nets are held regularly on many repeaters, this is where hams get on the air and practice. We can also provide a ‘get on the air’ class to help you figure out your radio and a more practical understanding of using it.

There are many ‘sub-hobbies’ within ham radio, including digital modes, message handling (think of the old telegraph), amateur TV and a host of others. Your Technician license is just the beginning.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. Our VE team has hundreds of hours of combined experience in a vast variety of areas of the hobby.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our classes or tests.

Patriot VE Team